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Piercing by Chel


We have Chel piercing at Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour. She has years of experience and is on hand for most types of piercing you require. Please visit her instagram for more information or she can be contacted on 07771367131.

Piercings and enquires are available Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays ONLY. 

Please note: due to recent events we have to express that we are a strictly over 18 establishment. The only exception is in the case of piercings where children will be allowed, over the age of 6, accompanied by an adult. Only the child being pierced and accompanying adult are allowed in the studio, including the waiting area. If there are any additional children, even if accompanied by a second adult, they will not be allowed in the studio. Thanks for understanding.


A full price list can be found below.


Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian, some piercings may be age restricted.

Prices are based on standard jewellery size and any difference will be charged accordingly.


Single lobe plain jewellery - £15

Single lobe gem jewellery - £20

Double lobe plain jewellery - £25

Double lobe gem jewellery - £30


Ear rim (helix) plain jewellery - £20

Ear rim (helix) gem jewellery - £25


Tragus plain jewellery - £20

Tragus gem jewellery - £25

Anti-tragus - £25

Rook - £25

Daith - £25

Snug - £25

Conch (upper/lower) - £25

Industrial / Scaffold - £30


Nose plain jewellery - £20

Nose gem jewellery - £25

Septum - £30


Eyebrow - £25


Tongue (including 1st jewellery downsize) - £30


Lip (1.2mm jewellery) - £20

Lip (1.6 jewellery) - £25

Vertical labret - £25

Philtrum (medusa) - £25

Smiley (frenum) - £25


Navel plain jewellery - £20

Navel single gem - £25

Navel double gem - £30


Nipple single - £25

Nipple double - £45


Micro dermals

3mm diver - £20

4mm diver - £30

3mm anchor - £30

4mm anchor - £35


For intimate piercings please contact Chel on 01216086086



We cannot stress just how important good aftercare is.

Following these daily guidelines should help your piercing heal quickly and without issues. Daily hygiene is key until your piercing has settled down. Different piercings have different healing times and those stated should only be used as a guide. Leave your piercing alone, the less you fiddle with it the better.


Cleaning instructions:

1. Wash your hands prior to cleaning your piercing.

2. Clean your piercing 2-3 times a day throughout the healing process using one of the following solutions:

a) Pre-packaged, sterile saline solution such as Neilmed or Stericlens.

b) Sea salt soak made as follows: Dissolve a quarter teaspoon of none iodine sea salt in half a pint of boiling water - allow to cool.

3. Simply invert a cup over your piercing with your chosen solution and soak for approx. 10 minutes (the longer the better).

4. Dry the piercing using a disposable tissue.

5. Resist the temptation to pick any crusts which may form around the piercing.

6. Tongue piercings may be cleaned by using mouthwash (without alcohol) or a saline solution after eating.

Dermal - anchors/divers: Avoid use of any salt/saline based products. Clean with un-fragranced products such as Simple. Cover day and night for the first week then for a month at night and when showering or bathing.

Frequency for cleaning your piercing:



Hints and Tips:

The jewellery you have been pierced with will be over sized to allow for swelling and to help with cleaning. Once your piercing is healed it is your responsibility to purchase correct fitting jewellery which we are more than happy to help you with.

After bathing/showering, ensure any soap is rinsed away from your piercing and follow the above procedure. Do not touch your piercing with unclean hands.

With clean hands ensure that threaded jewellery is kept tight.

Wear clean loose clothing around your piercing to avoid irritation during healing.

Avoid beauty care products - including TCP and cream soaps - around your piercing until healed.

Do not hang charms on your piercing until fully healed.

Do not remove the jewellery until fully healed.

A healthy lifestyle helps your piercing to heal. Avoid recreational drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

Through having a dermal punch is a permanent removal of tissue, if you remove your jewellery whilst cleaning the area you may experience shrinkage of the pierced tissue.


What is normal?:

Initially bleeding, swelling, tenderness and possibly bruising.

During healing some itching and secretion of a whitish/yellow fluid which may form crusts around the jewellery. During healing the tissue around your piercing may tighten.

If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Recommended healing times before changing your jewellery (approx):

Nose - 8 weeks

Eyebrow - 8-12 weeks

Lip/Chin - 6-8 weeks

Nipples - 12 weeks

Navel - 12 weeks-1 year

Tongue - Initial bar once swelling has gone down approx. 10 days - 4 weeks.