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Welcome to Painted Lady Tattoo

Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour was established in 2008 in Northfield, Birmingham in a beautiful victorian building by artist Dawnii Fantana. Since opening, PLT has established itself as one of the go to places in Birmingham for custom tattoos. 

We are only a short walk from Northfield train station and the town centre and we pride ourself on being an inclusive studio that welcomes everyone and covers all styles of tattooing.

To start your tattoo journey with us please take a look at our artists and contact them or the studio to talk about consultations and appointments.

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Guest Artists

We have regular guest artists visit Painted Lady that come from not only the UK, but from around the world.

To keep up to date on which artists are coming, go check out our instagram:

 @paintedladytattooparlour where we share their work.

To book in with a guest artist please contact them directly. 

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1 Station Road, Northfield, Birmingham, B31 3TE

Telephone enquiries:

0121 6086086
General email enquiries:

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday 11-6


Getting here by train:

We are a 1 minute walk from Northfield train station. For those travelling from outside of Birmingham, head to Birmingham New Street Station and from there catch a train to Northfield.


Getting here by car:

There is on street parking around the shop, just beware of the yellow lines! There is normally plenty of parking on nearby residential roads. 

Please note - we no longer do piercings


How do I make an appointment at Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour?

To book you in, we need to know what you would like to get tattooed, where you’d like to get the tattoo and how big you’d like the tattoo in cm/inches or a photo of the placement. 

If you have any reference images you have found whilst looking for your next tattoo, please send them over as they are super helpful when designing your tattoo. 

We are a custom studio so our artists will design something unique for you based on your ideas and references. 

To secure an appointment, we always require a deposit that can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal, which is non-refundable. Cancellation policies vary between our artists, but once you are booked in, they will confirm all of this with you.

Please email your enquiry to or call us on 01216086086. From there we can forward your enquiry to your chosen artist or the artist we feel best suits your ideas and they will contact you directly regarding a quote and their availability. 

Pre appointment questions and suggestions.

Will it hurt? Yes, but it is bearable! If you ever need to stop or have a break, just tell your artist who will be more than happy to ensure you are okay and take a breather so that you feel at ease and comfortable during your time at the studio.

Can I use numbing cream? This answer varies between artists so it is always advised to check with your artist first.

Please ensure you have eaten in the 4 hours before your appointment and bring any food, water, a sugary drink and sugary sweets to keep your blood sugars up during your appointment. 

Try and get a good nights sleep the night before your appointment and we never recommend getting tattooed if you are hungover. We can’t tattoo you if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are on blood thinners, have any medical conditions or are due to have an operation in the very near future, please ensure you tell your artist before you book a tattoo appointment, as this could mean you may not be able to get tattooed. 


After you have been tattooed, it will be wrapped in cling film which needs to be left on for a few hours, or until you are home from your appointment.

Remove the covering and wash it gently with warm soapy water. Pat it dry with a clean towel. 

Apply a thin layer of aftercare cream roughly three times a day. 
There are a lot of aftercare creams available, but we recommend Stories & Ink, Hustle Butter, Ink X or Cocoa Butter. Your artists will go through this with you at the end of your tattoo session, but if you have any further questions get in touch. 

Don’t soak the tattoo in the bath (showers are fine!), go swimming, go in a sauna, go on a tanning bed or fake tan for at least two weeks. 

Avoid direct sunlight whilst your tattoo is healing by helping it covered or in the shade. Once it is healed, always apply high factor SPF as tattoos do fade in the sun over time. 

Don’t pick any scabs/flakes that will form whilst the tattoo is healing. If picked, this runs the risk of pulling the ink out of the skin and it can heal patchy and faded. 
If you do think you need a touch up, get in touch with us or the artist who did your tattoo for you and we can go from there. 

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